Monday, January 16, 2017

Longing For Colors

January. Where I live, in Stockholm Sweden, is very far north on our planet. We are on the same latitude as Alaska, Siberia and northern Canada (but our climate is much milder due to the golf stream). In the winter time we get very short days.  Oh, how I now long for brighter days, more daylight, sunshine ... and ... colors. Lots of colors. I really need it.

Beads and components are (from the bottom):
Handmade enameled yellow head pins by Barbara Lewis of PaintingWithFire
Copper heishi spacers (African)
Small copper tubes with circular pattern
Yellow opal Toho seed beads size 8
Opal white gilt lined seed beads size 6
Teal glass trade beads
Gaspeite rondelles (gaspeite is a rare and lovely semi-precious stone)
Again, yellow opal Toho seed beads size 8
Copper heishi spacers (African)
Swarovski Crystal facetted champagne colored rounds
Dark pink matte Matsuno seed beads size 8
Handmade oxidized copper earrings hooks

All my best,
Malin de Koning

Please contact me if you are interested in any jewelry of mine that isn't yet listed in my Etsy Shop. (I am known for my delayed listings procedure. So sorry for that.)


  1. So Malin, so lovely! I love those big faceted rounds. I'm *trying* to embrace the cold and grey...

  2. I'm with you Malin, I'm just happy we are over the hump and the days are getting longer slowly but surely! So brighter days are to come!! We are lucky in the Pacific NW along with lots of rain we also get our share of gorgeous days even in the winter. These earrings are certainly bright, sunny and very happy!

  3. I know what you mean and I am so happy I now live in Greece with lots of sunshine and bright light. Although, last week, we had snow!!! It hasn't snowed in 30 years where we live.
    Love the combo of beads you used Malin. These colors makes me think of spring.

  4. These would lift the spirits of anyone with winter blahs!

  5. Jättevackra smycken! Jag älskar dina färger och designer. Hälsningar från Holland. :)

  6. i love all the colors here, malin. love the swarovski crystal. i don't think i've seen the champagne color before and it really is pretty. my favorite thing is the pink at the top. i love it!! that tiny little bead adds so much to the overall picture. beautiful. it is very difficult to be in the grey for so long. we have it here, too, in michigan for months, with little relief. i'm happy when it snows, which hasn't been much at all this year, because it brightens it up! lovely work, malin, as always.

    1. Thanks Norbel. Oh my suddenly I got a bit unsure about those facetted rounds. If they are in fact not Swarovski. I hope I didn't leave incorrect information in my post. You know it is so typical. I keep very good records of my beads and components, what they are and where I bought what. But for some reason it seems that lately every other time I post on Earrings Everyday there is one thing that I can't find out what it is. So utterly annoying. Anyway I think I remember buying those beads from a real shop (as opposed to an online shop) here in Stockholm a few years ago. The shop doesn't exist anymore and I miss them. But they were absolutely great for seed beads and Swarovskis. And since I bought only two I assume they must have been a little bit pricey (I was more careful with spending money on good quality back then, now I can't stand cheap materials), and therefor another bet on the Swarovskis. I agree with you on the snow lightning up. We have had it on and off since november. Now only a thin layer.

    2. malin, i certainly didn't mean to make you wonder. either way, regardless of what they are, they are beautiful. i don't use a lot of crystals, but when i see them here in your work and others' work it makes me wonder why i don't. lol don't stress about it at all. :) xo

  7. Simply popping with colour Malin. And I agree with Norbel - the pink lifts them! As to the swarowski question - I've no idea. My gut feeling is vintage glass - they don't look quite sharply facetted enough. But who knows?? Does it matter, if they are lovely?

  8. Malin, I love these earrings--the shapes, colors, and textures all work together beautifully...and maybe best of all they made me smile with sheer joy, which was something I really needed this morning. So thank you for your talent and for the beauty and the joy! xoxo