Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Tribal Fringe

Helloooo Bead Peeps!  This is a short but sweet posting today as I'm off to Bead & Button in Milwaukee, WI this morning!

True confession:  I have forgotten who made these lovely tribal ceramic connectors so If anyone can identify them, please let me know!  I've paired them with some wonderful African glass, wrapped sari silk and some vintage golden beads.

I made the fringe by recycling some scrap gold plated parts.  Originally, I was going to hang them from jump-rings but, I really wanted them splayed apart so I messy wrapped them directly to the wire connector to achieve that effect.  

Thank you for stopping by today!  Hoping to find some unusual goodies at B&B this week!  I'm also on the hunt for new tools.  Most importantly, I'm looking forward to seeing my beady tribe!

Loralee xo


  1. Daayum. You are always rocking, girl! But what I always love most is your photo styling! I think you need to do a class on that! These are so perfect, a wonderful vibe, natural materials that have this unearthed quality about them. They would be at home on any beach, or walking through a bazaar in Cairo. Have a grand time at Bead & Button! I will miss you all! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I totally agree with Erin. Not only are your earrings always surprising, clever and gorgeous, your photo's are amazing. Please do a class!!

  3. Yep! I agree -gorgeous job on the earrings and photos