Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Moons of Jupiter

At the end of last week a friend shared a Facebook post about the four largest moons of Jupiter, which could be seen this week in the night sky much more easily than normal - for some, with the naked eye, for others with binoculars.

I got all fired up with ideas for earrings, and spent the weekend dreaming up designs to represent the moons; called the Galilean group, because they were discovered by Galileo. Europa and Io were easy, as I had a large stash of silverleaf and picture jasper - earthy and rocky.
Callisto and Ganymede though, proved somewhat more difficult as I could see those sparkly bits quite clearly, and no natural stones quite hit the mark. Cue some fabulous ceramic pieces from Natalie Fletcher-Jones of Peruzi. I originally bought them because they reminded me of Van Gogh's painting Starry Night, so they were more than apt for Callisto and Ganymede. 

The brighter pair of drops I matched with black hand cut tourmaline and picture jasper. Black copper earwires and twiddlers are by Lucy Haslam.

The softer coloured pair of rings I attached to some of Lucy's 'punkies' - hand formed copper soldered with silver bits, wired with milky swarowski crystals and topped with beautiful kyanite.

Have any of you managed to spot the moons yet?   
See you in two weeks
Lindsay x


  1. Oh, these are gorgeous Lindsay, especially the second pair. Wonderful textures. Haven't spot the moons yet, to cloudy skies up here.

  2. Great idea to use this occasion for earring inspiration! We could see what we assumed was Jupiter, the moons were harder to pick out.

  3. While you are far too brilliant for my pea sized brain, I am thankful for the ability to be consistently amazed by your work! xx

  4. Lindsay, these are fabulous!! I can't even choose which pair I like the most, which is definitely not normal. Love them! xo

  5. No star gazing possible here -too much cloud! I'll be happy looking at these beauties instead

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