Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sunshine Happiness

Morning lovely ones how are you all? Is it horrid and wet with you too? I must admit here in wild and wonderful Wales it has been a wee bit damp !!!!
So when I received these fabulous beads from Karen J Leonardo I was amazed by their sparkle and glow. They are like little golden eggs ...... sunshine !!!
Oh I really wanted to make something spectacular with these beauties as I adore Karen’s work.
I set to getting out all my best pieces to add to theses stunners but nothing seemed to fit, now anyone who knows me knows I’m not a “ less is more” girl lololo , in fact I have to walk away sometimes to stop myself from adding.... just one more bead/dangle/crystal .... you get the picture!!

So I was going full on fancy with these sparkly babes ....... but it just wasn’t happening.......!!!

Then I thought about my new patina that I have named “ Ginger” very silly I know but it’s a cross between raw copper and aged and has a lovely warm glow , perfect I thought and yes the colour seemed to accent the warm glowing sunshine yellow of the beads.
I found the soft gentle tones of these butter yellow jade beads seemed to make the beads glow more and when I found the gorgeous chunky faceted citrine.... well match made in heaven!!!

I added a tiny ginger copper twiddlers to each earring and hung them from my ginger tangled earwires and ohhhhh how they glowed .... as you can tell I had trouble photographing them as they just glow soooooo much. 
Yep sometimes “ less is more “ 
These are such happy sunshine earrings they make me smile 😊 
Love and hugs to you all Lucy from Faerystone