Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Good Morning lovely ones from a very damp and misty but still very beautiful Wales. Hubby and I celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary today !!!
Of course we are so rock n roll sat in bed with a coffee laughing at all our past memories.
Anyhoo I wanted to show you these little pretties I made for our last show themed Game of Thrones.
I had received these beautiful ‘eggs’ from Karen J Leonardo knowing I would use them as ‘dragon eggs’. Thinking yes they will be all dramatic and gothic, but when they came I was blown away at how gentle they were, a soft mauve with highlights of soft bronze sparkles.

I knew they were going to be a very girlie dragon .
I had added my embossed silver discs in a soft smokey grey that seemed to blend with the greyish hints on the beads, but I wanted a wee bit more glam !!
So I had these pretty garnet nuggets that really sparkled when the light caught them and wrapped just beneath the eggs gave a glow to the silver too.
Really lovely pink sapphire rondelles to top them off and finished with my circles antiqued silver earwires.
So my gentle dragon eggs were born ...... not all dragons are fierce!!

Love and hugs ladies I’m off to celebrate, have a lovely day from me Lucy at Faerystone


  1. These are lovely. Perhaps a dragon dressed in sheep's clothing would wear these! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Twinney!! I am so happy for you both. And I agree, you can have very sweet dragons as well. Your earrings are wonderful!