Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Asymmetrical Electroplated Devil's Head Pods - Say That 10X Fast!

One of the most exciting things I discovered (and scored) at Bead & Button a couple of weeks ago, are these electroformed pods made by Hank Russ.  Can I get an oooh- ahhhh, beady peeps!?! 😼

Hank always wanted to work creatively with his wife, Lisa Peters of Lisa Peters ART, but was uninspired until he started electroforming. Hank loves to work with metal and this is a wonderful new facet to the business! Lisa makes some of the most beautiful ceramic beads, cabs, and buttons I've ever come across.  I've been working with and collecting her beads for a long time now and I am so excited about this new collaboration!

The pods, also known as “Devil’s Heads” are the fruit of Trapa natans, a plant commonly known as a Water Chestnuts. 

Although substantial in appearance, they are incredibly lightweight and perfect for earrings!  I was shocked when they were placed in my hand!  Jewelry must feel comfortable, especially on the ear and these are! 

Keeping with the rich, dark mood they possess, I paired them with some beautifully textured vintage glass pearls, twisted glass with added copper sparkle and some glittery accent beads from my stash that were gifted to me.  I felt these really enhanced the copper.

Hank sold out at Bead & Button but I was told he can take custom orders with a 2 week lead time. I've attached a link below:


Hank and Lisa collecting seed pods on their hikes along the Palisades.  

                                                 Oh, and  Pussy Willows, too!! Yasss!

I had a blast at Bead & Button and already looking forward to next year!  There is nothing like meeting the bead makers personally and hearing the backstories - it makes the beads all the more special!

Thank you, as always, for stopping in and having a peek at what's going on on my worktable!

Until next time!

Loralee xo  


  1. Lucky lucky you, scoring devils!

    1. I was very inspired by your GOT posts! Some call them Devils but I think they look like dragons!

  2. Wow. Totally awesome! I am excited for Hank. He and Lisa are the dynamic duo. I sure did miss being at Bead & Button this year! Can't wait to see what you do with that pussy willow branch! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Hank is so very excited to see how you used the Devils Heads!
    Your earrings are gorgeous and you are so talented Loralee! THank you so much for choosing these at the show! Hank has other pieces ready to go in his workshop but I am not permitted to see them yet so we will all get a reveal at the same time!

    in about 2 weeks we should have more on the website.
    Some in bright copper and some with the black patina!

    Happy Creating & Thanks again,

  4. Oh my... these are absolutely amazing!