Thursday, June 27, 2019

Rustic ceramic, African flowers, Leather

Hi, everyone!  💗

Lately I've been experimenting to see what different types of earrings I could make pairing beads I've had on hand with Czech glass, chain, fiber.  I've also been making beaded leather necklaces recently, which got me to thinking, why not use thin leather cord to tie some earrings together?  (Not that this is anything new--in fact, I've made a few earrings knotted together with leather in the past--but somehow this felt different.)

I had the beads I wanted to use:  carved African flower beads and rustic, red-and-black ceramic triangles by Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker of Slate Studios Supply.  I picked some tiny black lampwork glass rondelles by Beeboo to use as well. 

I kept the design simple, using only the three components.  I fastened the 0.5-mm leather to the charms with lark's head knots, and then fed the two ends of the leather cord through the rondelles (a tight fit) and the flower beads (just right).  At the top of each flower bead I made a loop and tied a small barrel knot in each of the leather pieces, cutting away the extra cord, and adding tiny drops here and there of good ol' GS Hypo cement to make sure the knots stay just where they are! 

And then they were finished.  😊

Thanks so much for reading, as always!  I will see you all in two weeks.  💗

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  1. Super design Meridy and the leather is just right for them x

  2. Your earrings are wonderful Meridy! I love Sarah's ceramics and your design is perfect for these charms.

  3. I love them, I love them I. LOVE. THEM!

  4. Not that is a great idea and very clever design.