Monday, June 3, 2019

Druzy wheels

You know how sometimes you have components in your stash, and you forget all about them? Then rediscover them? Well, that's what happened with these fabulous druzy wheels. I think I must have bought them at least 1, maybe even 2 years ago from Sylvia Stungo's shop of semi-precious wonders.

So I was searching for some inspiration in my boxes and boxes of beads, and came across them. I think I had originally abandoned them as the holes weren't quite large enough for the wire I wanted to use. Well, it turns out I just needed to be a bit more persistent!

Look at this lilac/pink pair. The sheen on these is just gorgeous! I am always drawn to hoops, so of course needed to hang these from hoops of oxidised copper wire, with some matching czech glass. I wanted to keep the colours fairly uniform to accentuate the the contrasting sheen on the sides of the wheels, so added some recycled glass chunks in a similar shade.

 I went for a bit of contrast with the second pair. Same design, but with tiny pyrite rondelles for contrast, and blue kyanite.
So, it pays to revisit components you've abandoned and forgotten about! The pink pair have sold but the blue pair are available on my Facebook page this week, and then will be going into my etsy shop

See you in a couple of weeks 
Sue x


  1. Great use of the wheels Sue x

  2. Very lovely Sue. Those discs are indeed amazing. And one can never have enough hoop earrings.

    1. glad you agree on the hoop earrings! you really can't have enough!