Friday, June 7, 2019

We're All Ears :: June Inspiration :: Storms

There have been a lot of strong storms around the country. Thunder bolts and lightning. Very, very frightening, indeed! But also winds and tornadoes and rain and even hail. I hope that wherever you are, there is not the threat of dangerous weather, or the aftereffects, and I hope that the raindrops are scattered but just enough to make the world bloom where you are.

When I think of storms I think of the kind where I can hear the rain on my roof. I love that. I am a cloud lover as well, and clouds are a necessary part of rain. There is magic in those fluffy water droplets all banding together, looking quite like a pillow or an explosion of cotton candy. Of course, I know that some clouds can be harbingers of danger and harm, like lightning and tornadoes. But despite that, I do believe that weather is fascinating and part of what makes this planet pretty special.

So for June we can be inspired by all that weather has to offer: storm clouds, lightning, raindrops, rivulets on the window, umbrellas, puddle jumping, and of course, rainbows. I hope that there is more sunshine than rain where you are, but if you are caught up in the storms that life brings, I hope that you can walk hand in hand with those you love and weather the storms together!

See you on June 21st. I'll bring my umbrella!

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  1. Interesting idea. I like it! And, I'm so glad you mentioned rainbows. It was the first thing I thought of :)