Friday, November 16, 2018

We're All Ears :: Reveal :: Cornucopia

I have to confess that so many things came up between that first week in November and this eve of the reveal that I almost missed doing anything at all. I had lofty ideas of making teeny-tiny little fruit and vegetables in polymer clay cascading from a cone. But alas, my ideas and my time didn't match up.

So after I finished up a last minute graphic design project for our gallery, and realizing that I couldn't show up to my own party empty-handed, I looked around and my eyes spied this air-chased piece of copper that had a great texture.

I thought that perhaps I could do a very simple abstract design based on the horn shape and set about to fashion just that. Coiling and then manipulating with my fingers, I made them into my very own Horn of Plenty. If I had had more time I think I could have put some dangling beads that look like apples and grapes and wheat and pumpkins cascading out of the horn, but I quite like the simple style of these cornucopias that would remind me to share all my plentiful blessings with those I meet.

What did you decide to focus on? The iconic shape? The abundance of fruits? Do share!


  1. Erin, your coiling method worked out beautifully! It definitely looks more like a cornucopia than any of my attempts. As always, thank you so much for another fantastic challenge full of inspiration. :)

  2. The coiled copper horns are wonderful in their simplicity. I also contemplated using polymer clay and then didn't. It's on my "some day" list, which has enough projects to fill at least three lifetimes. Thanks for the challenge.

  3. Thanks for the challenge! I always look forward to see what great ideas everyone has. Well done! I love your copper horn of plenty.

  4. I think that the beads flowing out of the horn would have made it look too common. Which makes this pair truly unique. Thanks for hosting this challenge

  5. I love your design Erin. How you always come up with the most wonderful designs, even under time pressure shows your talent. These earrings are delightful in their simplicity. And thank you for the wonderful challenge every month.

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