Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Buttoned Up

It's getting chillier out there! I was looking through some old photos this week, and found a picture from one of my blog posts this time last year. I had discovered Dorset buttons and now I had  a sudden urge to make another pair.
Traditionally made in Dorset, southern England from 1622 onwards, the buttons were a cottage industry where all the family - mum, kids, and dad when he returned home from the fields - would work on them, and sell to the local gentry. They're still a Heritage Craft and I got mine from Gilleoin of Woolrush on Etsy. Made in Scotland with hand spun and dyed wool, the frame is now plastic rather than the original ramshorn.    

They're a great blend of lilac and orange wools so I highlighted both colours - orange recycled sari silk to add even more texture, and the double lampwork headpins in lilac are from Kimberly Rogers at Numinosity. Those chunky copper ball end headpins and earwires are by Lucy Haslam, who's going to write a guest blog on here in a couple of weeks time. 

                                                   A little bit of cosy for your ears!

See you again  in a couple of weeks - in the meantime, keep warm and dry; stay buttoned up!
Lindsay x


  1. What a fabulous idea to use in your earring design, they look great! x

  2. I love these earrings Lindsay. Those handmade woolen buttons are very special and you paired them with the perfect items. Cozy and warm earrings for fall.

  3. Beautiful, Lindsay! Perfect for the weather ❤️

  4. These are just great. Love the colors, texture and unique look.

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  6. Oh my Gawd! the lamp work headpin bulbs are super gorgeous

  7. I feel all warm, gorgeous!! ❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks Loralee - you can get away with it in winter, I think.