Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bits & Pieces

I have saved all the bits and pieces from past projects for (at least) the past ten years!  I use mainly vintage chain because I'm so in love with the natural patina and quality, like the tube links above.  I'm embarrassed to tell you though, just how long it took me to find the right way to connect these so they would hang correctly and not turn.  Sure, it looks easy... sigh!  As I'm sure you know, each project has it's own challenges no matter how simple it may appear!  lol

These lovely enamel charms are by Cathleen Zaring of Blue Hare Artwear.  I remember seeing them in her shop and nearly jumping out of my chair!  I'm especially fond of her rustic work like these.  That beautiful celadon peaking out of white enamel and pops of dark copper - swoon!  I also had perfectly matched tin-cut crystals from the 1930's - The size and cut are perfect and doesn't interfere with the enamel design but still adds so much life.

These vintage tin charms by Tracy DiPiazza Metalworks are so well made.  They are double faced so no matter which way you turn them they show the same image- how great for short or pulled back hair!  She also solders the edges so there are no sharp or rough spots.  Tracy's attention to detail is just one of the reasons I love her.  That might be an understatement - I lovessssss her soooo much!  Last year I purchased one of her necklaces and I've never been able to put it away, I just leave it in an open box on my dresser so I can look at it as I pass by- I kid you not!  :D

Again, I used all sorts of vintage bits of chain, links, and connectors.  The oval ornate jump-rings below have a slight twist and were originally one long chain. Adding them gave a bit of dimension, especially since the overall design is very flat.

Many thanks for taking the time to pop in! I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

Loralee xo


  1. I enjoy seeing your unique and beautiful earrings! Especially delicious is when you pair the rustic with the bling. Also, so very true how each project tends to have a special kind of challenge of their own. Good work. :)

  2. These earrings are lovely Loralee. And boy, can I relate to each project having its own special kind of challenge. How often I have to take a design apart and start over as it was just not right... I love your use of vintage components.

  3. the second pair reminds me of my school uniform - a green and white pinafore with a striped tie and buttons and it brought a smile to my face

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  5. I love the colors and design in the first pair. Just gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful earring designs Loralee. Especially love the first pair and agree the 'glacier blue' peaking out from the raised metal and enamel is a stunning element in the design.