Friday, November 9, 2018

Tree of Life

Whenever I have an EE blog post due I try and challenge myself to use things I may have bought on a whim.  These Tree of Life charms are one of these buys.  The components were already made up...I wasn't sure how much I could add except wire wrapping some seeds and cup chain to the hoop areas.  But I do that a lot anyway.  And I have done it again in these but I've tried my best to add more interest to them. I have to admit, by the time I finished the second pair I had tonnes of ideas swimming around in my head.   

1.  For the first pair I started by wrapping chain on the hoop (I had absolutely no idea where I was going with this btw) mimicking a previous design (see photo below).  This wasn't working as the chain I used in the older design was smaller and easier to wrap.  I improvised by cutting 4 lengths of chain and wrapping them on to the hoop separately.  I then continued with cup chain leaving a long tail at the end which seemed to compliment the chain lengths on the opposite side.  The design wasn't balanced yet.  Flowers always come to my rescue when I need to balance a design out and they did again here.  I added a single purple flower on the same side as the cup chain then another on the longest chain length.  For the top part I found these polymer flowers - very rare now as this artist (Elise Canning) no longer makes them.  

(previous design featuring porcelain discs by Claire Lockwood)

2. For this pair I decided to keep things a bit shorter, the first pair measures 6" (yikes).  I did my usual cup chain wrapping, then went around the frame again with more wire and seeds.  I added some Elise Canning flowers on top to complete the look.  Oh I forgot to mention, I had these components painted prior to wrapping.  One tree ended up in rainbow colours (because I loooove rainbows) and the other one purple and white gold.  

I hope you like my 'Tree of Life' earrings.  These are now listed on Etsy.  See you soon <3


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