Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In Praise of Patina.

Today I'd like to welcome as our guest my very good friend and partner in crime Lucy Haslam. For those of you who don't know Lucy - she's not only one of the kindest people you could wish to meet but also a basher of metal and twiddler of wire par excellence. She has made me some of the most innovative components I've ever used in my own work. But she also makes jewellery herself, so let's shine a light on her!

                                                                Lindsay x 

Hi, I'm Lucy from Faerystone and I would like to thank these lovely ladies for asking me to join you today. I've been making jewellery and findings for a few years now and love nothing more than twiddling wire and bashing metal. When I was asked to guest here I had soooo many ideas, but what stuck in my mind was patina....I love it! 

Both these pairs are made with sterling silver wire and sheet which I have cut, soldered and hammered. The little Ruffles are discs of silver that I have twiddled and bashed to give them a wrinkly feel. The little discs have been dimpled and the rings hammered and soldered.

The thing is both sets are made using the exact same silver wire, metal and gemstones (well, ok I did substitute black onyx instead of rock crystal on the dark ones) but other than that the rock crystal rondelles and the labradorite faceted drops are the same.
Here the silver is left pure and clean, the gemstones look frosty and clear. Glamorous sparkly party earrings. 
But as soon as I add my dark patina they change the mood - dark and gothic, the gemstones look misty and moody, the silver now darkened has a deeper sheen, a darker soul.
And this is what I love about patina, a bit like me and my friend Lindsay Philipson, she's all dark and goth and I'm all light and magical lololo. (ed. - what rubbish) 
Thank you for having me ladies, its been such fun. These earrings will be available in our A Christmas Carol show on The Very Nice Group page. It would be lovely to see you there.
Love Lucy.


  1. Wooohooooo, Lucy.... twinnieeeee. How great to see you here. Another wonderful aspect of you which should be mentioned here, you are amazingly funny. You always crack me up. I am a great fan of your findings and jewelry. I love these earrings. Please bash and twiddle ahead... we love what you make.

  2. Helloooo Lucy! Queen Basher of wire. I'm a BIG fan of your patina. And these yin and yang earrings are just glorious xx

  3. it is interesting to see how a little patina can make an object look so different. Welcome Lucy. Looking forward to seeing more of your work

  4. Absolutely lovely, Miss Lucy! Welcome to the Earrings Everyday! I do so love a good patina, not so partial to the light and shiny. Fun to see how that changes things and can appeal to two different tastes! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Hi Lucy, love them both...maybe slightly leaning towards the gothic pair 😁