Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Vivid Creatures Can

I don't tend to do green.

I made these cones for my last bead shop update, and decorated them with some new glazes I'd picked up. I was a little underwhelmed with the initial results so I added some teal blue stripes and popped them back in the kiln. When I fished them out I was much happier: they have a seventies ceramics look about them. I nearly kept them from the off but I try to resist keeping the best things when listing beads so I added them along with *a lot* of other pieces. Much of the stock sold quickly but, for some reason, these cones were overlooked. So, taking that as a sign, I decided to pull them out for my own use.

I topped them with some rusted filigree caps and hung them from some blackened vintage copper rings, which frame some pleasingly rustic African brass charms. Within the cones I've added slender lengths of sterling silver and labradorite chain and some patinated copper pieces from Miss Fickle Media. The colours in both work really nicely with the blues and greens in the glazes.... and I'm still highly tempted to keep them!

Bye for now, Claire


  1. Oh, I wouldn't hesitate. Keep these Claire. They are gorgeous. Or sell them to me LOL. I love the colors and the combination with the rustic brass charms. The dangles in the cone are the finishing touch. Perfect

  2. Oh sell 'em. Let some person be happy! You can always make more xx

  3. I love those cones, the added teal stripes was just the right touch. Love the earrings too, those crusty beads and all the dangles are great additions. Beautiful earrings!

  4. I would hang on to these. They are stunning! I love the added teal stripes too. It's the perfect touch. I'd take it as a sign that they belong to you :)

  5. I'm not one for hyperbole, but I love everything about these. Just fabulous, Claire. xoxo