Friday, March 10, 2017

It's all about..........

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So Claire Lockwood updated her bead shop last week and not surprisingly everything went super fast.  I was lucky enough to snag this lot minus the Moff (Moth) wings which were donated to me by my lovely friend Sue Robinson as she knows how much I love them 😁

I started working with them straight away and here's what I've made so far.

Lampwork by Meital Plotnik

Lampwork by Meital Plotnik.

and these also with lampwork by Meital Plotnik.  Claire actually sold the feathers as pendants but they were really lightweight and a good size for earrings so I thought why not.  There's some subtle asymmetry going on, which I think gives them even more character. 

Only the top pair is available and will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.  See you again soon.

Suhana 💖💖💖

My Etsy Shop: Buttoned Up Beads


  1. Amazing!! I love all the goodies you chose. Tough to choose a favorite!!!

  2. Such pretties!! It's so much fun getting a new stash of goodies to play with :) Beautiful earrings! I agree, very tough to pick a favorite!

  3. I'd go for the centre pair - but so did someone fast! Claire's work is always inspirational xx

  4. Beautiful work that honours the other artists' pieces. Thanks for the gorgeousness.

  5. I totally agree with the above. Beautiful as always Suhana! You really did the beautiful components justice. I love the work of Claire, she makes such amazing components (and jewelry).