Friday, March 31, 2017

Making the Best of a Situation

Sometimes our delicate components don't make the cross Atlantic trip so well.
I was a little crushed when this heartfelt gift from dear Claire Lockwood  arrived in not so great shape.
I was trying to think of some sort of fix and I'm awfully fond of Apoxy Clay for repairs such as this.

I was planning on using the chain as a texture element on my  newly formed points but I liked the chain embedded so much that I left it on!
Apoxy Clay is paintable so I was able to to match up the colors with some handpainting.

And here are the other halves of the headpins. I can make two sets of earrings out of this mishap now!
I had some copper hoop earrings that had been kicking around in my studio for years ( bought new and waiting for some clever idea of how to use them)
I finished them off with a couple of little lampwork spacers and patinated jump rings.

So don't despair when your components break sometimes. There are some fixes to see you through.
Kimberly Rogers


  1. I like them both!! That embedded chain looks very cool! Great way to make lemonade out of lemons!

    1. Thanks Kristi, It was kind of an experiment but I was happy with the result

  2. Thank goodness for your ingenuity x

  3. Wow, that is so clever!! I love that embedded chain.

  4. Kim, this is amazing! I have never heard of that clay. Does it require a kiln? Whatever you needdd to use, you baked it with the chain and I love it! The whole project was very creative and I will definitely think about my broken components a little differently from now on. Thank you!

  5. My friend, this is genius! Now they remind me of something nautical - with the chain wrapped in the sea-green clay. Lurve em!

  6. Fabulous idea on salvaging these great components, and you ended up with some really cool earrings!