Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Spring is beginning to make itself felt even up here in the north of England and we've had two or three days of lovely blue skies and sunshine. It was Mother's Day here on Sunday and my house is awash with plants and flowers of all colours and scents. Close your eyes and smell hyacinths - it's just the best!

Today's pretty pink blossom earrings are made with beautifully detailed enamels from  Linda Younkman . I've had quite a few pairs of Linda's enamels and been really pleased with the quality and unusual shapes of every one. Vintaj black arte chain and jump rings hold a bouquet of small Czech glass flowers and the swirly pink lampwork is from another northern English lass, Joanne Joyce. My mate Lucy Haslam made the beaten copper circular earwires for me at her home in Wales.

                                           Just like having a bunch of flowers in your ears.

                                                      Enjoy the weather, wherever you are!

                                                                  See you next time

                                                                        Lindsay x

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  1. Hooray for Spring! Such pretty earrings - a celebration of the season!

  2. Indeed! Just a touch of sun and we go doolally up here!

  3. Not only up there Lindsay. With a bit sun people here in the Netherlands as well :) These earrings are so fresh and sweet. A bouquet of spring flowers

  4. So so pretty, as Janine said so fresh.

  5. These have such a happy vibe! Very feminine and perfect for Spring :)

  6. Beautiful, romantic earrings, Lindsay! So feminine and springlike. LOVE.