Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Little Flapper Girls

Now the Flapper was my kind of woman;  Light-hearted, nonconformists who eagerly tried new clothing styles not to mention challenging traditional ideas of behavior by wearing make-up, publicly drinking, smoking & acting unladylike.  

They sported a short bobbed do, wore lipstick, rouge and short fringed skirts, giving the title, "It Girl".

That is exactly what this fun, free spirited design reminds me of. These have become a huge hit.  I wasn't sure how they were going to be perceived, but I sold 4 pair, 2 to the same customer; one for her and the other a gift.  Who would not love to fashion these little gals!!

The hand painted wood heads are so darn cute, each one slightly different.  I bought the brass flower beads off ETSY and hand painted them in girly pink, of course, folded over some soft copper flower caps and finished them with copper findings.  Ball end headpins strung with rounds of cream Howlite serve as tiny swinging feet.

I was provided a little gift with my next head order, Its a BOY!! 
OMG, how cute is he? Now you have it, a Flapper Couple ♥

These are totally out of my design style, but I had such a great time working with them, I hope the trend continues.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, share a comment or two if you can and we will see you again July 6th.  

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  1. Love the flapper couple, they are so cute

  2. Oh these are too cute! I love how you made tiny "trousers" and "skirts" out of beads. And designing out of your usual design style is sooooo flapperish :) You go flapper girl

  3. Lynn, you blow me away. It took a bit of courage to step outside the box with these. It's so great that the design was validated and your courage rewarded with the sales. Awesome!!

    1. Thank you Nor!!!!!!!! not sure if I should make more or not, sometimes a design fizzles out, but I do love these ♥

  4. Those are sooooo cute. I can see why they would be a hit.

  5. So adorable!! You are so creative, I love your work!!!!

  6. Adorable. I love your usual style but also how you can go away from that and still have something so great!

  7. Absolutely darling. Love how you evoked the 20s style! and the little man has striped pants!! Brilliant! The little white "shoes" with the dark "hose" are perfection. And the flower beadcaps even look like a short little flapper 'do!