Thursday, June 23, 2016

Polyclay and Lampwork Team Up

I was so delighted to have been able to attend a polymer clay technique class by Christine Damm of The Stories They Tell at Art On The Farm in Vermont this early summer.
With polymer clay you can achieve quite a bit of length without adding too much weight to your designs.

The poly clay parts are actually headpins I formed and with the coloring and veneer technique I learned I was ready to go big using the pieces as a canvas for texture and color.
I simply paired them with a set of lampwork beads that I had on hand that I had made.
I didn't sell the beads as a pair because the the dimensions weren't the same but I'm not afraid to use them together myself!

These babies are over 3 and a half inches long  (9 cm)
 I'm looking forward to making more of these headpins so that if I get enough of  a good stash of them i'll be willing to part with some to sell.
Imagine the possibilities!

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Kimberly Rogers


  1. I love the different textures and the color of your polymer clay headpins. Very beautiful. So please please make more...many more so we all have the change to play with these.
    The lampies go very well with the headpins.

  2. Oh my these are wonderful!! I love the texture and color and the polymer clay is a perfect match to your amazing glass beads!!

  3. You nailed it, Kim, using the word "canvas." All that room for you to texture and carve to your heart's content. I will very much look forward to seeing all that you do with your new technique. It suits you so well! Making them a headpin was a great idea. They ARE the focal and the highlight wrapped in one. The accent of the lampwork is perfect. Great earrings! Great post!

  4. I love it when my art beads co-mingle! I love to see what sort of fun happens when I mix different materials like this. These polyclay headpins are so organic and fun! I think you absolutely should make more in all sorts of colors and textures! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. Sorry. This is Erin. My comment was flagged because my son was logged in! ;-)