Friday, June 3, 2016

We're All Ears :: June Inspiration

We have a local ice cream place that is only open from March-October called Belt's Soft Serve. It is a well-documented tradition that people line up overnight in March, braving the frigid temperatures by camping out in the parking lot to be one of the first customers when they open. And the last night they are open has crowds stretching around the block for hours. It is THE place to be seen in town, and is pretty tasty, too!

[Photo credit :: Christian Widell :: Unsplash]
They have cones that are like 3 feet tall and all sorts of yummies including their own home-made peanut butter cups, brownies and cookie dough for flurries. They also use a lot of local produce throughout the season, and that is awesome.

[Photo credit :: veeterzy :: Unsplash]
I do not go there often, so when I do it has to be special. I wait all year for the small window of opportunity to get a home-made strawberry shortcake sundae. A home-baked shortbread cake riding a mound of creamy soft-serve vanilla ice cream drizzled with heaps of local strawberries (always splurge for extra!) and topped with whipped cream. That is summer in a bowl for me!

[Photo credit :: Danielle MacInnes :: Unsplash]
So this month, in anticipation of this limited-time treat (only available for the last half of June! In between my travels this month you can bet I will be there more than once!), I thought that we could use strawberries as our theme this month.

[Photo credit :: Benil Benjamin :: Unsplash]

Have you ever heard of the website Unsplash? I discovered it this spring and it is chock-full of photography that is FREE to use. That's right. FREE. All of these images are from Unsplash.

You are actually encouraged to use them on your website, remix them into an art piece, post them to your blog. I find the collections especially endearing. And the pictures themselves are outstanding in their subject matter, composition, lighting. They seem like mysterious artifacts that need to have a story told about them. 

See you on June 17th for the sweet and juicy reveal!


  1. Luscious! I love it! Can't wait to see what everyone will do with this. Thank you Erin for inspiring us!

  2. My mouth is watering. Hoping to join in on this one.