Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Earlier this summer I wrote about how I had bought a bike and was beginning my cycling journey in an effort to combat this "jeweler's ass" that I've mysteriously managed to amass *cough*...

I'm happy to report to that I'm steadily winning the war. But more importantly, I have an empowering way to get outside, move, savor the changing of the seasons, and be alone with my thoughts.

I have approached my bike with the same kind of blossoming passion that I approach jewelry. It started with an uneducated leap of faith and has gradually turned into an all-encompassing learn-as-you-go journey. I feel that I'm part of a community and am so grateful for that--that goes for both cycling and jewelry making. My heart is full.

So in the vein of "spinning", here's a glowy little pair of spinners that I created several weeks ago. These feature a pair of lampwork glass Basha beads from her "blue black" series. I speared them on hand forged copper and wire wrapped them just-so, allowing them to rotate freely on their spindles, throwing light every time you move your head.

Happy Wednesday!

LoveRoot on Etsy


  1. Awesome! Wish you could include a motion shot.

  2. what a fabulous pair of earrings - they almost look like labradorite

  3. I so enjoy reading your posts as well as your beautiful earrings Nikki. You are a multi talented lady! Love this design and oh my, those beads are awesome.

  4. Goodness! I love Basha beads! They are magical little droplets! And I love the construction of these earrings. Very architectural and cool. Enjoy the day! Erin