Thursday, November 5, 2015

Frayed Sun

I listed twenty one pairs of earrings earlier this week (yes, 21!!). So, I'm spoilt for choice on which to share today. I'm going with these:

I got the fabulous krobo beads a few weeks ago. They came on a satisfyingly hefty strand - one of those lovely-to-hold, hard-to-cut-up ones. As I sat happily holding the strand, enjoying the piped white flourishes on each bead, I remembered these vintage enamel bead caps that I had. I had them in pale blue, but I knew I'd seen some white ones somewhere. Of course, I had to track them down and order some.

The blistered ceramic drops at the bottom are some headpins that I made. I've also added some slim black wheels of African recycled glass, and some fluted vintage brass beads.  They're listed here on Etsy.

Bye for now, Claire 


  1. Wow, 21 pairs of earrings, you are on a roll! Love this pair. Especially how the white bead caps as well as the fluted brass beads mirrors the (white) stripes on the Krobo beads.

  2. these are so cute Clair, you utilized a bunch of different elements, I always find that makes for such a great/unique look. ☺

  3. I love all the different elements that go into making stacked earrings. these are colorful and lovely.