Thursday, November 19, 2015

We're All Ears :: November Reveal

Gah! I have pods on the brain!

I so enjoyed making the polymer clay pods at Heather Powers' Inspired by Nature retreat this year in October. There is an endless variation of seed pods in nature and just about anything looks like it is alien, but still plausible, so you can really go wild with seed pods. I got so intrigued that I came up with some more inspiration photos. I think that I will be paying closer attention to the plants in the world around me from now on!

Sorry for the hideous image quality... I forgot that I saved this on my work computer and I didn't send it home so this is a picture of a printout. Doh!

In addition to making earrings for this challenge, I am currently working on making a multitude of pods, in at least five different varieties. I have shot them in black and white to showcase the forms, as they will be colored eventually (when I figure out what colors they need to be!). I also quite like them in white, and might consider that for a future batch. Can you pick out the images in my inspiration photos that inspired each pod?


I plan to magically whip them into a pod-ilicious jewelry set for a gallery exhibit I have always longed to be in at a Central Wisconsin art gallery called the Center for Visual Arts. This annual exhibit is called 'Midwest Seasons' and is interpreted in a variety of mediums. I have tried {unsuccessfully} to get in previous years. I am hoping that this will be my year! (And if it doesn't work out, there is always the 'Winter Garden' exhibit at the same time in our local Riverfront Art Gallery.) Keep your fingers crossed....that I can complete the pods, make the necklace, get it entered in time for the Saturday... and that it makes it in! It really would be a feather in my cap to be juried into this exhibit.

So many different shapes to choose from in the world of pods! I have been down a rabbit hole by typing in 'seedpods' in Google and perusing he images. I had some pods from Heather's retreat that I had made in matched sets and I made one more as an experiment shape. I like the earthy colors and the odd organic shapes. I don't mind that they are not exact, in fact, I celebrate that!

Peaseblossom Pod
Hand made pod headpins, hand-patinaed leaf beads, copper leaves, embellished ear wires

Amber Lotus Pod
Handmade pod headpins, amber carved leaf beads, copper leaves and wired ear wires.

Passiflora Pod
Handmade pod headpins embellished with wire, handmade copper ear wires.
So which pod shape is your favorite?

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  1. Pod-liscious! Those are some great inspiration photos and I can't wait to see how you color that impressive pile of pod-pins and whip them into a necklace. (I'm planning a pod-necklace too! To go with my earrings) I'll cross my fingers that you make it into that exhibit this year. I think my favorite shape from your photos is the spiral ones in b&w. Of the finished earrings, I'm especially liking the colors in the first pair. But they're all magical. Thanks for a great inspiration.

  2. That weekend retreat really did inspire you! Your pods are all fantastic and I'm sure the gallery will accept your submissions this year, they'd be crazy not to! Thanks for the inspiration this month, I really enjoyed it...xx

  3. Erin, beautiful designs! They look so organic. Amazing earrings. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I'm so sad I couldn't go to Heather's retreat this year.... Next year for sure!! I love all three sets of pods (and the earrings you made with them!) but that first pair is my favorite. They have such a great mix of colors. Good luck on the exhibit... can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Your pods look great - cant wait to see what they turn into

  6. Awesome seed pod earrings. I really like the Pease Blossom Pod and all the color...Another terrific Challenge!

  7. Wow, I love all the pods. Good luck with the gallery exhibit - can't wait to see what you make. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh you lucky lady!! I WILL go to Heather's retreat one day! I love the pods you have favs are the teardrop shapes. I hope you make it into the Midwest Seasons exhibit!!

  9. Beautiful earrings Erin. So difficult to choose a favorite, as they are all awesome. Good luck with the gallery exhibit. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed you will be in it this year. Thanks for this wonderful challenge.