Friday, November 13, 2015

Forest Floor Earrings

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." - Henry David Thoreau

Isn't it true! There is so much beauty that we trod over. Take a moment to notice the small, the forgotten, the overlooked, the mundane. There is untold charm and inspiration there.

These ceramic components from Firefly Studio Designs are the perfect background for these copper leaves and golden Humblebeads disks. 

And why not make a second variation? These ones capture the forest a few weeks later when the leaves have blown away, stark branches and dried leaves have lost their color but not their intrigue.

Soaking in each day of November and not rushing a moment.



  1. Gorgeous pairs Heather, very earthy-great fall colors. I love the mix of elements you chose, make for a unique design!!!

  2. these are just gorgeous Heather. Rich, yummy colors of fall - my favorite season

  3. Beautiful earrings Heather. I think you captured the autumn forest floor perfectly. I love how you mixed the various materials in these.

  4. Oh, these are beautiful, autumnally beautiful!

  5. Love them! I really like the warm rustic copper leaves against the cool color of the ceramics in the second pair, love that contrast! And the first pair is fall perfection!