Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Orange Ceramic Earrings

It's the time of year for harvest colors and images, cornucopias, dried flowers and cornstalks. You get my drift? My favorite one is Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, so these brought to mind that image.

There are four pieces of heavy wire, two forming the loops and two that will eventually form the ear wires. After attaching the wire to the ceramic focals (from Outwest on Etsy), I hammered the wire loops and the tails to the desired hardness. Czech glass dangles hang playfully from the primitive copper loops.

Linus, Charlie and I haven't lost faith. The Great Pumpkin will come, but maybe not this year.

Gloria Ewing

Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry
Chrysalis Too on Etsy


  1. I love the name and I love the earrings. Those Crusty discs are fabulous and I love the dangles!!

  2. Just love the shaping of the wire! Really makes for a unique pair of earrings.

  3. I love the movement in these earrings and the disc beads are gorgeous. Great job.