Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girl on Fire Earrings

I love books for teens, don't ask me why.  My own teens could care less about Twilight, the Hunger Games or anything else that happens to be popular.  I however am not above the hype. We went to see the Hunger Games this weekend and Capitol City fashion is quite the inspiration.

In the story, the main character is presented in several outfits that have real flames, flicker like flames or shimmer with light to represent their coal producing district.  So I thought a pair of Girl on Fire earrings were in order. 

I added the silk ribbon and Czech glass as the flame and embers.  The birds are the iconic mocking jay in the story. I threw in the chain to represent the bondage of the districts to the fascist government and some of my branch beads to represent the main character's favorite hunting grounds and refuge.  Even the bow of the earwires are a nod to an integral part of the story.

 You can find these earrings in my Etsy shop.

-Heather Powers is the editor of the Art Bead Scene, the author of Jewelry Designs from Nature and the hands behind Humblebeads.


  1. Being a teacher, I love reading all the young adult fiction, to keep in touch with their conversations, but many times for my own enjoyment. Loved The Hunger Games trilogy. Your homage has just enough reference to the series for fans, who would love to wear these beautiful earrings.

  2. Stunning!!! The elements in these earrings are just perfect together. LOVE the copper combined with the silver. Love the bead embellishment on the earwires. The silk is just perfect too! I don't know the books, but these are lovely in and of themselves.

  3. Way cool earrings! Nice tribute, too!

  4. Oh I love these Heather! I read the books too but haven't seen the movie..yet!

  5. I really love these earrings! I saw the movie last Sunday and I really enjoyed it. And no you aren't alone in your love for YA fiction. I love the Hunger Games books and Twilight too :-)