Friday, March 30, 2012

Bewitchingly Framed

The allure of black brass is not lost on me. It pulls me in and seduces me into using it. I find it brings a slightly dark romantic side of me to life. The side that likes to dream of vampires and fairies or witches... I used to write short stories and had many such characters in them. Time travel, castles and mythical creatures would swarm into the stories.

 I see a bewitching young maiden with flowing red locks of hair, garbed in a long gown of green velvet, with large eyes of the same green. She walks on the moors enjoying the breeze blowing through the heather...

Can you picture her wearing these earrings? Maybe even a matching necklace...

Let your imagination roam...


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  1. Very bewitching indeed! They're beautiful, and I can totally picture your young maiden in those! >3

  2. Ohhh....what a wonderful setting for these pretties!!

  3. Are you trying to tell us in a nice way that you are the Black Brass Slut??? LOL!

    But really, they are gorgeous!

  4. LOL Terri!!!! = ) They ARE gorgeous! I'm a slut for the teardrop beads! Not so much for vampires and witches and such, though. = )

    Lisa S