Friday, January 18, 2019

We're All Ears :: Living Coral

I truly didn't think that I would even have any beads for this month's challenge of the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. So I decided to challenge myself with 15 minutes on the clock to pull out all beads that I could find, art bead or otherwise, that was even remotely in that particular hue. I surprised myself! I took a few liberties with the color, trending a bit more to a brighter orange than coral for some beads, but you get the gist.

At the same time I pulled out an assortment of art beads that might work. Found a few!

Next I decided to go back to the color palettes that I shared in the inspiration post.  I decided that I would try to make one pair of earrings for each of the five palettes. That gave me a lot of choices for accent colors! Unfortunately, my time was limited as I started this on Thursday night, and I only managed to make three pair, but at least I have ideas for some future earrings!

And finally, I can reveal to you what I created!

Focal Point Foliage
I came upon these perfect little disk beads from Heather Powers of Humblebeads that were coral with little green foliage. Serendipity! I then found some moss agate briolettes and some faceted Czech glass for some additional hues of olive green and peachy-coral. I love the copper wire and spacers that play off the warm tones of the peachy-coral polymer clay.

This palette calls for a mix of bright hues and funky patterns. I had these vintage orange glass beads with the sunbursts. I found these great ceramic headpins in aqua from Michelle of Firefly Studios and rubber O-rings for movement. Perfectly trippy in every way!

Under the Sea
I lucked out in my Humblebeads stash to find these flat tablet beads that had a pattern that fit this palette perfectly. The shapes on the polymer clay beads remind me of coral reefs with colorful fish darting to and fro, like the little coral beads dangling at the bottom and topping it off with a bespeckled midnight blue goldstone.

I have to say that this exercise was a good one for me. Sometimes I let the coral beads take the lead, and other times they were just a supporting cast member to another hue. And even though I didn't have time to work up all five palettes, but at least I have some ideas for Shimmering Sunset, and Sympatico.

Let's see what beauties you made with Living Coral!


  1. Gosh, Erin, you've managed to capture the palettes so well! I especially love the Trippy pair. And you say you made these in a super-limited time - that's pretty admirable!
    I find the color kinda hard to work with, but that's what makes a challenge challenging. :)

  2. How lucky to have some art beads on hand to work with. All three pair of earrings are stunning and I am especially fond of the "under the sea" combination. I also like how you alternated between letting coral be the focus and an accent. I think it's a great color in both positions. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. You made these in 15 minutes! Rockstar!! I really, really love that first pair. Their simplicity and romantic nature absolute appeal to me, though coral usually isn't my thing. Awesome job. And even more, thank you for another challenge that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It's always appreciated!!

    1. Ha! I should have updated that to be more clear. I took 15 minutes to find all the beads. Then about another hour or so to make three pair, and then photographing and writing this post! So no, it took me a lot longer, but I did not get started until after 9pm and went to bed after 1am, if that makes you feel any better! :-)

  4. Love all three pairs Erin, especially the first two pairs. And oh my, although it took you a bit longer than 15 minutes, you made these in record time. That shows your absolute talent.
    And I really wanted to join in the challenge. Could not make it in time for today, but I will definitely create some pairs with the challenge color combo's later this month.

  5. Thank you so much for the detailed article

  6. I have to say once again, you have a great collection of beads! You made terrific earrings with your stash.
    Thanks for a fun challenge. I love these palettes and plan to use them in the future.

  7. these are all so fun and wearable! what a fun hop

  8. I love what you made! I am so impressed at how you were able to capture the colors and feelings of each of the palettes--and so beautifully, at that. Very nicely done!

  9. Beautiful and there is something whimsical in each pair! You even extended the challenge to different color palettes, that's impressive!