Sunday, January 20, 2019

Mirror Image

Am I fussy ? I'm always extra happy when I find earring components that are 'handed'  - with an identifiable left and right. And being brought up at the seaside I'm a sucker for anything sea themed; having just booked our summer holiday it was even more on my mind. So I was chuffed to find these fab ceramic pieces from Lindsay Drake. Not only handed, but the most beautiful, subtle colours of honey and green with edges that make them look like old, burnt parchment.


With the starfish pair, I used lovely etched lampwork beads by Josephine Wadman that just shout sea and black volcanic sand. Like a greek island sunset - Santorini maybe. The urchin caps are Vintaj copper.

These soft, glossy green ammonite pieces are reflected with tiny roman glass rondelles and turritella agate beads - such an amount of pattern on such small things.  

These would take you nicely through spring and into summer. Both pairs are in my Etsy shop now.
See you in a couple of weeks - keep well and hope the weather is kind to you, wherever in the world you are.

Lindsay x

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  1. Great earrings - and I love those ceramics!

  2. Oooooo these are very lush,rather organic ....with a touch of posh !!! Xx

  3. Oh my, Lindsay, these are so pretty. I love the soft colors and all the tiny details in both. And...planning to go to Greece again :)

  4. Love the colours and design! Lindsay you never disappoint xoxo

  5. These are wonderful, Lindsay, especially the starfish pair. I love the sea too.

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  7. So rich and dramatic - I adore them both!

  8. Love them both, Lindsay! I like "handedness" too. (I always figure that when charms aren't handed, their makers didn't try hard enough.) 💗