Thursday, January 10, 2019

Discs and Circles...

...and DOTS!  Happy New Year, everyone!
I hope your 2019 is going well!  💗

These colorful, happy, and whimsical earrings were so much fun to make!  I've just listed them, and their sunniness is welcome after the rain and windstorms we've had here in Sacramento the last few days!  It's been glooooomy!

I bought the wonderful ombre dotted charms by Nicola Morse quite a while ago, and found their dotty match (the glorious golden hollow beads by Beth Mellor) by chance a number of months ago.  I had commissioned Beth to make me some beads to go with other components I had, and she made those beads as well as many more...including the wonderful dotted beauties that ended up in these earrings.  I love how these earrings came together by serendipity.  💗

To finish the earrings, I added a pair of small orchid glass discs (also by Beth), golden Swarovski rondelles nestling in little gold leafy bead caps, and beautiful 4-mm faceted purple garnet coins.  I wrapped everything together with gold-filled wire and hung them on my Two Trees gold-filled ear wires.

These earrings can be found at Two Trees Studio, here.

Wishing you all sunny days--or at least sunny days of the heart.  💗

Thanks for reading.  I'll be back in two weeks with some new things!


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  1. Oh, these earrings are sunshine for in your ears. I love them. What a great combination.

  2. Thanks so much, Janine--glad you like them! The sun finally came out here midday, so maybe there was some sun magic going on... :)

  3. They’re perfect!! Happy New Year Meridy ❤️

  4. oo these are a blast of happy on a grey, dull day!

  5. All the better for seeing these! The sun just came out x

  6. Oh! These are just so HAPPY! You cannot be glum in these earrings. I love all the dotty goodness in these two different art beads. So fantastic. I am trying to make yellow a part of my world this year. Thanks for showing me how fun that color can be! Enjoy the day! Erin