Friday, January 25, 2019


I have made sooo many variations of this design that I've lost count but components were left overs from my last show and I needed to make something really quick.  I feel like I've cheated as the wrapped hoops weren't specifically made for this post but oh well :D

For this first pair I found these Régis Teixera beads that matched my hoops perfectly, added matching flower dangles to complete this look.  

The matchmaking was even better in these.  Lampwork flower caps by Beth Mellor perfectly complemented the pink, orange, peach and purple colours from the hoops.  I made the dangles longer this time.

Another perfect match here using Maryse Fritzsch's sparkling nuggets.  Longer dangles again...just because. 

These will be available in my FB trunk show on Tuesday in The Jewellery Show.  Back in a couple of weeks <3


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  1. Gorgeous earrings Suhana. Your wire work is amazing!

  2. The additions of the bird and the rhinestone makes the hoop even more stunning

  3. Always saying it- patience of a saint! My silver the pair I made with your hoops x

  4. So much creativity packed into one person. Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking!

  5. So stunning!! Love them so much!!!