Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Snow Flurries

The weather here at the very end of Puget Sound has been completely free of snow - at least so far. However the mountains have been getting some nice snow - skiers rejoice! And its white in the eastern part of the state, where I lived for nearly 30 years. So even though I've been spared the white stuff this year, I was still inspired to design some snowy earrings.
I started with the pretty snowflake charms.  The large, ribbed lampwork glass beads were a perfect choice to go with the charms. The white glass that swirls throughout the blue beads reminded me of the way snow flurries blow and drift all around. The Snow Flurry Earrings are available on my website.
Winter is not my favorite time of year, but I did enjoy designing these earrings. Do you have snow where you live or are you in warmer climes?


  1. Great "wintery" earrings Linda. There is some snow in the mountains close to where we live. Beautiful to see the snowy mountain tops in combination with the sea, palm and citrus trees.

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing! You're in Greece, right?

    1. Hi Linda, yes, for most of the year we live in Greece, and for a couple of months in the Netherlands

  3. lovely earrings! we rarely get snow, so when we do, i must confess to loving it.

  4. Beautiful earrings Linda, I love winter and snow 😊

  5. Thank you Suhana. Not my favorite season, but it has its good points too.