Friday, January 4, 2019

We're All Ears :: January Inspiration :: Color of the Year 2019

Drum roll please.....The winner of the Emergency Earring Making Kit is.... 

Sarajo Wentling!

I will send out a little earring goodie package just for you!


I find the Pantone Color of the Year forecasts rather intriguing. I don't always enjoy their choices, but I do love reading the rationale behind the pick and seeing the color palettes they put together to go along with it. I don't always use this color forecast to determine what I use, but I think that as creatives in any medium it helps to be up on the latest trends, even if I don't want to follow them (I like what I like and don't like to be told what color to use!).

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge

Animating? Yes. It has a quality of being vibrating and shimmering, especially when placed against darker shades, or blue hues, the complementary partner. I also think that this color represents the vibrancy of life, especially since it is actually the namesake of an endangered species in our oceans that I would hope we would all want to fight to protect. So in that respect, I think that it can be a life-affirming hue. So yes, I agree with Pantone's statement about the energizing shade with a softness that makes it approachable.

As usual, Pantone has put together 5 color palettes. What I like most about this is that it shows me possibilities that I might not have thought of for combining colors. I like to see the individual color names (I would love the job of naming colors!), but I also like the color harmonies that show them in connection with one another. I like to use as many of these palettes to inform my choices for my earrings, that is my personal challenge. Which palette are you most drawn to?

I am not sure that I have many beads in this Living Coral color (maybe a trip to the bead store is in order?), but I will try to find what I can to create as many pairs in as many palettes as I can with this special, energetic color. Pick your favorite combination and make one pair (or more!) of earrings to show off. Come back on January 18th for the reveal and add your link!


  1. Thank you again for a wonderful challenge. And I intend to make it every month this year! I love the color of this year. To be honest some of their color combo picks are quite challenging and I can't say I necessary like them. My pick would be the first with Baluga and Twill Or the first in the last color combo's. Oh, these names, I agree, what a wonderful job it would be to create these names.

    1. It would be lovely to have you join in whenever you can, Miss Janine! I am always surprised by the color, and I like to see the combos. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to warm up to them so this is a good kick in the pants! Feel free to use whatever colors you come up with for the challenge, or all Living Coral if you like! Make it what you want. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Only recently I started to accept Orange as a "wearable colour." Infact including today's purchase I had 2 pieces of clothing in Orange. Will I go till living coral? Definitely No, as I hate the colour. But I will definitely try making something in orange for this challenge

  3. I am often not a fan of the color of the year at first glance because I tend to think of it in terms of being the dominant color in a design. Once I look at the palettes or otherwise think of its possibilities as an accent color, it does grow on me. The palette they're calling "focal point" speaks to me of a desert in bloom. And I really like the "under the sea" because the blues and greens in there are colors I normally pair with oranges already. I am piling beads into a tray for this one. :)

  4. I am with Tammy ^ my first thought when I saw the page was the south west craze from a long while back. My second thought was I can use some of the beads I have left over from my SW period 20 years ago.

  5. I started being attracted to coral a few years ago, so I was happy to see it was a Pantone choice this year. I like all of the palettes, especially "Shimmering Sunset" and "Trippy."

  6. Woo hoo! I totally missed that I won the earring making kit when I looked at this post before! Thanks so much, Miss Erin!!