Friday, January 18, 2019

Making for Friends .

Hello lovely ones how are you all?
I’ve been rather ill over the New Year and I must admit I’m not quite better yet.!!!
Anyhoo as the title suggests I’ve been “ making for friends” isn’t it funny how making a piece of jewellery for a friend or family member can be sooo different from making to sell !!
When I make to sell I normally have an idea in my head of what I’m doing ( well sometimes I do other times it’s the will of the gods and a bit of Celtic luck lololo)
And when I make for friends I know which ones like colour or a bit of bling ..... or who’s a bit of a goth ( not mentioning anyone ... Lindsay )
But what happens when a Friend you know through Facebook asks you to make something..... Eek!!
I have been making two pieces just recently, one is a whole set earrings,necklace and bracelet and although I have actually met this lovely girl .... I’ve struggled ( just want them to be perfect of course)
But the other piece is quite different I’ve known this fabulous person only through Facebook .
She’s a bit of a dafty like me and an amazing glass artist who I have bought several pieces off in the past, and just before Christmas when I was buying a piece from her she said “ why don’t we do swapsies, you make me some earrings “ .
Ok I thought that sounds wonderful... so I asked the usual questions ... what colours do you like? Do you want dangles or short? What sort of gemstones? Silver or copper ?
And this was her reply ... Err purple or blue , love danglies, Ooo no gemstones just any tat you have lying about ( tat really !!!!) love copper but it doesn’t like my ears and I love texture .
Oh good lord I thought no gemstones!!!! ....and so this is what I came up with after much faffing and messing about .

I’ve cut out some copper shapes and hammered and twiddled them to give them a ridged textured feel, then solderd some tiny silver circles onto the surface,I then gave them a rather dark patina and polished them back to a nice dark sheen.

Hung above are some wonderful purple Charolite ( so soft and tactile)
discs with some of my hammered and twiddled crinklies spaces inbetween , I would normally add darkened copper earwires but I have made some pretty little silver “ Maze “ ones for her delicate little lobes.

Then because I couldn’t resist...and because everyone needs a tiny bit of amethyst I have hung some pretty little flat amethyst briollets from the front ( shhhhh she might not notice )

When I read this back it sounds like it all came together so they really didn’t , they are nothing like the pieces I started with but I really hope she will like them .
Thanks for listening to my ramblings   Love and hugs Lucy Haslam ( Faerystone).


  1. They are wonderful Lucy - I'm sure she will love them, and enjoy reading this too! x

    1. Thanks Lesley,I was a bit worried as my head is still a bit woolly xx

  2. Anyone would love these earrings! She is one lucky woman!

  3. Gorgeous!! Am certain she will love ❤️ them!! My gals loved the necklace and earrings I got from you for Christmas gifts!!

    1. Thanks Jeanne,I’m so glad the girls loved the pieces xx

  4. Wonderful pair of earrings Lucy and your friend is very lucky. And you are on to something Lucy... those soldered copper components are wonderful.

  5. oooo! Lucy I love them! And she will too, lucky lucky person xx