Friday, May 18, 2018

We're All Ears :: May Reveal :: Movement + Momentum

I wish that I could say that I have progressed further into my art-making for this upcoming show, but I can't. I have been a bit frustrated that I have bitten off, as usual, more than I can chew. But it is starting to coalesce, so that is good. Keep sending me good vibes and major mojo! I need all the support I can get!

I have gone back to reading the book Calder Jewelry. Finding this out of print book a few years ago and getting it for a steal cements it as one of my very favorite resources.

Calder's use of materials is genius to me. I love the way that he manipulates wire and repeats patterns, like swirls and spirals. He created his jewelry in overlooked base materials, like brass and steel, which is what I feel most comfortable working with, especially steel.

So in true Erin fashion, I left this task to the absolute last minute. And almost forgot. Then I saw no less than 3 sticky notes that clearly said in all caps - EARRINGS EVERYDAY! Whoops. Saved by a sticky note.

I decided that I would use steel wire to attach these gold plated brass drops that I picked up at the Bead & Button show a few years ago for some reason I can't quite recall (which is most of the things in my studio). The challenge was to make the coils and bends in the wire that would balance.

I like the direction that these are going in and I will be focusing on these simple forms and materials to go along with the polymer clay mokume gane that I am working with for other jewelry and hopefully - gulp! - some actual mobiles a la Calder.

Now it is your turn. Show us how you channeled your inner Calder!


  1. These are super fun earrings. I can almost never create two spirals of the same size, except by accident. I also couldn't get it together for this month's challenge. I don't love abstract art, but I can't blame that for my lack of inspiration. I'll just admit to be being lazy this month, and aim to do better next month. :)

  2. You did a wonderful creating some fun earrings. I found this to be a very difficult challenge for me. It even took me awhile to figure out how to make these earrings. I am anxious to make a pair with some lively colors in them.

  3. I got inspired by Calder's jewelry as well and not his mobiles. :D

  4. Calder's play with wire is amazing and I was sure his work will provoke many different interpretations! I absolutely love what you did with the wire in these earrings!