Friday, May 11, 2018

Summer is here!!!

and that means we can bring out the colours? Maybe for a short while as summer doesn't last long here - I like it this way as pollen is not my friend!
Anyway, I received my first package from Jeni Houser Alasad recently and below is how I've interpreted some of Jeni's gorgeous components.  

*Group shot*

For this first pair I wire wrapped some hoops with dark purple seeds and green flowers to echo some of the colours of the components.  I softened/neutralised them slightly with the addition of Vintaj  connectors and added a teeny bit of fabric below the ear wires to complete the look

For this pair I wire wrapped hoops with cup chain and flowers and hung the yellow componnets from them.  Above the hoops I added some Druzy beads (I think) from Kimberly Rogers
It's a short and sweet post today.  Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.  See you soon.
Suhana <3
Oh these earrings will be available in my FB trunk show next Tuesday in The Jewellery Show.  Hope you can join me <3


  1. Very interesting earrings Suhana. To be honest, I would have some difficulty working with these bold shapes. You complemented and enhanced these components beautifully.

  2. Love these, Suhana! I love how the earrings are such complements to each other, in color and construction/design. ❤️

  3. Wowie! The colors! I needed this! Wonderful designs xo

  4. They're awesome, Suhana, as always. It doesn't last long here, either, so I'm with you on going for the color!! Happy Days! <3