Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cube With Facets or a Wrecking Ball

Large faceted acrylic beads. Over the years I've managed to collect quite a few of them. In different colours and shapes. So attractive I just have to buy them whenever I come across them. However, so far they have rarely come to use in any of my jewelry designs. So the stash of them has gradually built up. With many of them I have only just a pair. So suitable for making fun and exciting earrings.

And finally, over the last few months I have been on a roll with them. Having so much fun. Each pair of earrings in this 'series' has it's own distinctive character, still with the common factor of large faceted acrylic beads. 

Which ever style you use or method of designing the main purpose should of course be that the earrings shall look great when being worn. These ones do I think. To me they are everyday earrings, but with a touch of boldness. Simple and dramatic at the same time. They are long and dangling yet still light weight. Handmade earrings hooks in heavily oxidized sterling silver. I have a feeling I will wear them often over the coming period.

On another note:
If you have read many of my blog posts over the years you might have noticed that my designs often mirror something going on in my subconciousness. This connection I always discover firstly after the design is finished and I take a step back and look at them. It's rather fascinating. Almost like a sort of diary in design.

With these earrings I think it is rather obvious that they could be a version of a wrecking ball. Like in the song by Miley Cyrus. It's not a style of music I generally listen to and the video is a bit too much in my opinion, but that aside some of the lyric lines in that song I can definetely relate to. But mostly there are some things in my life that could do with ...  deserve some serious treatment by a wrecking ball ...



  1. Love these Malin! Simple yet very sophisticated (and effective LOL), wrecking balls for in your ears. Don't we all need a wrecking ball in our lives, once in a while. I hope your to-be-wrecked-by-a-ball things will soon go away.

  2. Beautiful beads and, as always, your earrings are perfect simplicity. Love these earrings!

  3. Simple, elegant and beautiful!! LOVE!!

  4. I love these earrings, Malin!! Simple, dramatic, everyday, all those things rolled into one. Your eye is one of the best! Totally get the "Wrecking Ball" analogy. And despite its notion of potentially violent feelings, it can just as easily be used mentally, wiping out all the stuff that no longer belongs there, in the mind, and in the life. It's up to us to clear our life as best we can. <3 Hugs, Malin. I think of you often.