Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Into The Forest; Mossy Green with Raw Copper
So many reasons to love copper as a jewelry maker and also as someone who enjoys wearing  jewelry. 

It's the perfect fall color metal and pairs well with most Autumn-like colors. Including Mossy Green and Olive. My go-to colors of late. 

The charms are mill rolled with a heavy fabric to create a deep texture on raw copper. Hand cut, filed, sanded smooth and finally hammered for a gentle curve. Intertwined tiny raw copper hoops are torched fused, danging below.

Mossy green Swarovski crystals sparkle in contrast to the rustic antique finish copper. 

These earrings were created with a matching necklace in mind. A common way jewelry is born or ideas spring, a continuing thought or inspiration spanning several types of jewelry. 

Molly, Hiking McKenzie River Trail, OR 9/13/16

And my biggest inspiration is of course... the forest. We love hiking here in WA and OR. We have a lot of great forests to explore and enjoy. This photo was taken last month hiking the McKenzie River Trail in OR. I just wanted to soak in all the green around me! It's very lush and grounding.  

These earrings along with the matching necklace are available in the Art & Soul Jewelry store today.


  1. Lovely earrings and necklace Cindy. I love love copper as well. And with green it is definitely something for this season. No matter if you work with silver or copper, your work is inspiring. The way you have worked the copper into these charms.
    And what a lovely picture of Molly. Such a sweet face!

  2. gorgeous Cindy, I think we are all finding the season as some inspiration in our work these days, love the rich textures and colors you worked with in this post, ♥

  3. I love the earrings and necklace. Copper is a favorite of mine also.

  4. Gorgeous Earrings and Necklace too! You know how much I love copper and the green goes so beautifully with it. I love your little Molly too!!

  5. Love these, Cindy! Copper is my metal of choice, and you do it exceptionally well! Mill-rolled, how cool is that! I'd love to talk to you about that someday. And the "torch fused" also. I am not familiar with that. Can you fuse copper????? Hmmmmmm, you are so inspiring!