Friday, October 7, 2016

We're All Ears :: October Challenge

The weather is a fascinating force. It is totally awesome in it's impact. I took a meteorology class in college because I thought it would be an easy way to get my science credit. Wrong. There is a heck of a lot of math involved in that study! But I did find it fascinating to learn about clouds and wind patterns and lightning and tornadoes.

Right now the eastern coast of the U.S. is getting hammered by the largest and most dangerous hurricane in over a decade. Stay safe, my friends, if you are in the path.

Since the weather is all over the news even more than just on the channel, it seems that it might be a good inspiration for this month's We're All Ears challenge.

I found this website called The Earth Wind Map. It is a beautiful real-time rendering of wind patterns for any spot on the planet. You can click and drag the map to view where the wind is anywhere in our world. Where you see thin strands of green, there are gentle breezes. Long streaks of bright yellow are strong winds. Swirling angry red spots indicate the strongest wind gusts. Quite mesmerizing!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a part of their site dedicated to Weather Art, specifically historic art, including this picture from a vintage German Cloud Atlas book.

The Met has an interesting slideshow presentation on Clouds in art and life. I found it intriguing to listen to and to see the works of art featuring clouds. Who doesn't love to lay around on a summer day and see pictures float by in the clouds? Clouds were my favorite thing to study in that meteorology class. Cummulus. Cirrus. Nimbus. And this interactive Clouds in Art site teaches you the different types of clouds as represented in master works of art. Love the names of cloud formations. This Van Gogh is one of my favorites. I took a Master Painting class about 15 years ago and this is the painting I set out to replicate. Those swirls! Oh my!

So our challenge for We're All Ears for October is the weather... wind patterns, cloud formations, precipitation... whatever you would like to represent! Looking forward to seeing what you create on October 21st!


  1. What a perfect Challenge theme for this month. I am just outside Orlando and so far, still have power as the storm is moving away from us. What an interesting app the Wind Map is!

  2. Hoping everyone on the East Coast stays safe! Love the idea of a cloud theme, Erin...if anyone is looking for more inspiration, check out the Cloud Appreciation Society's gallery (yes, it's a real organization with a manifesto!)

  3. Perfect for our inspiration this month.

  4. Vincent is one of my favorite artists! I do love seeing the clouds move in the sky. I captured this set of clouds reflecting on the freedom tower a few weeks back ... it just looked so amazing!