Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Treasures from the Forest Floor

Fall is the best time for hiking in Colorado.  Temps are perfect, colors are outstanding and the skies couldn't be any more bluer.  Working a 40 hour week, I make it a goal to get outside and enjoy my outdoor playground, let's face it- days are getting shorter and change is coming. 

This weeks share is a design I created embracing my hikes.  As I look around the trails, I find twigs, pine cones, pine needles, acorns and leaves to name a few. A bustling time for little critters to hunt and gather.

So here they are!!  Brass pine cones that dangle from wire threaded with a mix of glass and spacers up top.  

I hammered daggers to serve as my twigs with tiny disc's off to the sides. 

I'm very happy with the overall design and love the mix of silver and brass in any creation.

♥~ Embrace Mother Nature and be,"Inspired",~♥

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Your friend~ Lynn Ferro, aka Yucca Bloom


  1. 2 very different Forest posts in a row! These are so wonderful and so much fun. I can just feel them softly dangling! Love!!

  2. Oh, wow, you live in gorgeous surroundings! I would love to go hiking with you in these forest. Amazing.
    And your earrings are beautiful as always. Beautiful mix of beads!

  3. Lynn, these are so great! Wonderful movement, metal on metal. I love them! Thank you for sharing Colorado's beautiful landscape with us, too.