Monday, October 31, 2016

Firey Carnelian Gemstone. Rusitic Silver Hoops.

Happy Halloween! 
So much going on today. 
Thank you for joining me!

In my last post I shared a leaf photo that had inspired me. And I never tire of looking at leaves in Autumn. I walk often and take a lot of photos. I took this one last week... 

The color of the leaves absolutely captivated me and still does. The rich hues of the reddish brown are stunning. Maybe that's why I've been wearing Carnelian all week. 

Carnelian gemstones have always been a go-to favorite of mine. The translucent colors can range from orange to reddish brown. These odd little nugget shapes often remind me of apples. 

According to my book the illustrated book of Healing Crystals, Carnelian is a very positive energy stone. "Carnelian is above all a crystal of personal happiness and fulfillment; if you believe in your unique talents and follow your personal goals rather than those set by others, you can achieve anything." Which I think goes for anything in life whether or not you wear gemstones! However, I do get a real sense of positive energy from this stone. 

Look for this set to be available with my next Art & Soul Jewelry shop update in about 2 weeks. TBA. 

Peace & Love,


  1. Gorgeous crystals and earrings! Happy Halloween!

  2. Another really fabulous pair, Cindy. I am so inspired by your work. I finally purchased some Sterling wire, just a bit, not a lot because it's so expensive. I would never have done that without following your posts. You do silver in a way that holds a rustic but so polished look. It's a striking combination. It is what you do! I love it, Cindy. Really. I look forward to every post.

    1. That means a lot to me. Thank you Norbel! You are a big inspiration to me as well. :-)

  3. Please continue to share your beautiful pictures! Autumn here in Greece is wonderful, but I do miss the beautiful autumny colors. Oh, and your earrings.... Norbel said it all. Beautiful and unique. And thanks for sharing this info about carnelian as well.

  4. these are just perfect. Love the contrast of the reds-oranges against that lovely silver that you do such a wonderful job with, ♥