Monday, October 17, 2016

Square And Opal

Lately I've been going through my beads and components stash searching particularly for things that I have had for some time, and really like. But haven't found a way to use them in a way that I am satisfied with. When I first got them I had an idea on what to do with them, but when I tried it out it didn't work how I had had in mind. So now I am challenging myself to think in new ways. How shall I make that bead or component talk in an interesting way? 

Like the square chain in these earrings for instance. It is unusual and I love its look. About 5-7 mm side. I never thought of it as something to use in earrings before. But why not, I now thought. It is made of aluminium, so it is light weight despite it's robust look.

I cut a couple of shorter segments. The pale pink peruvian opal stone faceted nuggets creates an interesting contrast to the somewhat industrial look of the chain. When I design jewelry I am always fascinated by unexpected combinations of different design elements. To make seemingly unrelated things look like they were meant for each other all the time.

Hung from handmade Sterling silver earrings hooks.

I have recently re-opened my Etsy shop. Its been on vacation mode for quite some time now, 
due to reasons :-). So far I have only listed a few things, but I intend to keep adding more pieces gradually over the coming period. 
Please contact me if you are interested in any of my pieces that I haven't listed there yet.

All my best,
Malin de Koning


  1. Malin, this is the kind of thing I mean when I say that your earrings always surprise me. This chain is great used in earrings. . . . and couldn't likely be done if it weren't aluminum, right? Awesome!! And you nailed the description, the contrast between the most beautiful Pink Peruvian Opals and the rather industrial chain, creates wonderful interest with only those elements. That, to me, is pure talent. I love them, and you and your work! ;) Happy Days to you. I am so glad to hear you are adding items to your shop!

    1. Thank you so much Norbel! You always say the nicest things. You make my day!

    2. You are so very welcome, Malin. And I hope you realize that I am sincere. I meant that I really Love these earrings. And if I could, I would own them! :) I always look forward to your posts.

  2. All has been said! This is a gorgeous combination and your work is always so creative.

  3. What a very interesting combination. And boy does this design talk! They sing!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I always love your work, Miss Malin. There is a quite determination in every piece. These feel at once powerful and soft. I like the dichotomy. Enjoy the day! Erin