Monday, May 2, 2016


Friday night I went to see Adele live here in Stockholm. Of course it was a totally amazing show. And  she managed to make the atmosphere very intimate despite the size of it all. Around 32 000 audience, and she said it was the largest crowd she ever played for. Adele is really such a fantastic personality. A kind of a queen.

And Saturday the king of Sweden was celebrated big for his 70's birthday. I am not a royalist as such, but still all media is totally covering the event, so you can't really escape it. Tv was broadcasting all day from the festivities in central Stockholm. And it is fun to for instance watch all the beautiful clothing of the royalties and important people of the world. Especially the women's clothing of course.

So, how has these two events inspired me this time? Well ... not at all to be honest. I am still making the same kind of jewelry I am so fond of making. In a style I like to call Classy Bohemian. Sometimes I make more classy. Sometimes more bohemian, (like the earrings I show you here for instance). Almost always I include at least one set of handmade art beads, often more. Every piece of jewelry I make is unique, one of a kind. A little dream of mine is however if the crown prinsess Victoria would wear my jewelry one day. Or why not Adele, or some other music star.

Ingredients from bottom up:
Patinated hammered copper rings - MissFickleMedia
Copper hearts with a stripy structure - DaisyChain (I do miss your bead and component shop Joanne!)

Verdigris patinated bead caps
Wooden carved beads
A selection of different beads in different materials and colors. Ethnic glass, bone, greek clay, vinyl, rubber and so on.
Crowned by a lovely pinkish red swarovski bicone

Oxidized copper wire
Handmade earring hooks in oxidized copper

Above Adele. (Photo taken by my daughter Arabella at the concert.)

Below our crown princess Victoria in the middle, in an outfit from H&M. Always supporting Swedish design.

All my best,
Malin de Koning


  1. Well, I hope you keep doing what you do best, making gorgeous jewelry. These earrings are no exception. I love the pops of color, so festive (perhaps you were a bit influenced by the festivities LOL). Oh, and wouldn't that be wonderful, Princess Victoria wearing genuine Malin de Koning!

  2. Malin, there is no doubt that your jewelry would look wonderful on Adele! And any princess, too. :) Lovely earrings. p.s. Is the man Princess Victoria has linked arms with her husband?

    1. Oh thank you Norbel!. Yes, it's her husband. The other guy is her younger brother.

  3. I love these Malin, especially the little bits of asymmetry you tucked in! They are like tiny surprises for the eye.

  4. I see a bit of miss-matching going on and I love it!! Beautiful earrings Malin!!