Friday, May 6, 2016

We're All Ears :: May Inspiration

Today, I will be going to visit my mother at her facility for the Mother's Day Tea Party. That got me thinking about tea parties and the fascination that little girls throughout history have had with them.

I can vividly recall setting up my own china tea set and all my dollies and stuffed animals drinking water and eating crackers and cookies. I never had a goose. But I did have a cat. She wasn't much interested in spending quality time with me.

When my daughter was just a wee one we had her 2nd birthday party as a tea party. Everyone came dressed in fancy hats, my dad wore his tux, and I made a cake that was round and looked like a tea pot.

My favorite book as a child, and later to read to my own daughter, was A Bargain for Frances by Russel Hoban. I love that little spunky little badger! In this story, Frances is duped into buying a plastic tea set from her slightly shifty friend Thelma who then uses the money to turn around and buy the china blue tea set with the little flowers, the exact one she knew that Frances wanted. In the end Frances does a brilliant twist in the story that shows her cleverness and also reminds us all that being friends is the most important thing of all. A great story of friends and forgiveness.

And of course, there is Alice's adventures with the Mad Hatter's tea party.

I am a coffee addict, to be sure, but lately I have been enjoying more and more tea. I find that it doesn't wreck havoc on my stomach the way that coffee does, and there are some really amazing flavor profiles! I even like to slip a fancy tea bag in with most orders going out for a little extra something for my clients to enjoy.

I love china teacups. They are quite romantic with their dainty little saucers and their fragility. I love the shape of the teapot, with the spout and the handle. It seems that it would be a much more genteel time to have a spot of tea every afternoon, complete with roses and tiny cakes!

When I discovered that some teas have little messages of wisdom on the teabag tags, I was hooked! It is like a little surprise every time I open a package. I actually keep all of them in a little glass jar, and pull them out as random messages to include in every order. I think that my clients like receiving them, and I can tell you they truly are random. I believe that the right message always is sent to the right person at the right time!

We have a new-ish business in our downtown that I pass almost everyday called Diversi-Tea. They sell assorted loose teas from around the world as well as oils for a very specialty niche. I haven't had the chance to go in there yet, but I think that all needs to change. I am ready to investigate tea and I think that is where I will start!

So this month, our theme will be Tea Party.

Be inspired by china patterns, the shape of teapots, the flavors of tea, the colors of tea stains, the messages of wisdom on the tags, a romantic table setting, petit fours, silver spoons and lace. Pick out what inspires you from these pictures, or find your own!

And then come back here with a cup of tea on Friday, May 20th for our tea party reveal!


  1. This post made me smile! Can't wait to see what earrings it inspires!

    1. Hope you will join in the fun Miss Kathie! It is quick, but that sometimes inspires some great creativity. See you on the 20th. Erin

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  2. So looking forward to this one! My mom collected tea pots and I fancy tea cups. It will be a great way to honor my mom's memory. Thank you!

  3. Oh I love tea, I think I'll get working on it right away lest I forget the deadline