Thursday, May 19, 2016

Little Cubes Of Happiness

As I was thinking about how happy the little ceramic cubes look in today's earrings, I all of a sudden remembered another type of cube from my childhood.  Sugar cubes! "Back in the day" there used to be sugar cubes, in bowls, at restaurants.  The sugar cubes were all wrapped up in paper, like tiny, little Christmas gifts!

Waiting for your food in a restaurant was boring, so as kids we'd use these tiny cubes of happiness like blocks; building towers and fortresses made of sugar.  Of course these days kids keep themselves entertained with electronics, but when I was a kid, little cubes of sugar could become castles or rodeo rings, with a bit of imagination.
Nowadays little cubes of ceramic can become earrings, with a bit of imagination on my part.  I've had these ceramic cubes for nearly 15 years!  I guess I've just been hoarding them. I put matching green "dog bone" shaped beads at the bottom of the cubes and topped them with brass, glass and tiny orange rubber O-rings.  Now I can wear tiny cubes of happiness from my ears!

These earrings are available in my shop, here: Linda Landig Jewelry - Earrings


  1. I can certainly understand why you hoarded the little cubes. They are so colorful and happy. I bet you took them out and looked at them many a time, and just weren't ready to give them up to a piece of wire. I get that. Totally. You'll enjoy wearing them now! And you will always remember the childhood sugar cubes when you do. That's fun. :)

  2. Oh, these cube beads are to die for. No wonder you were hoarding them. You made great and fun earrings with them.