Wednesday, May 4, 2016

En Tiempos Antiguos

Our color palette for today: blush, cream, pearl, coal. 

I'm not the type of girl who gets dolled up often. It's been more than 10 years since I wore makeup. It takes me just a few short minutes to fix my hair out of the shower. Manicures? How about serial nail-biter? Although, I do admit to loving dresses. So what is it about wearing pearls that automatically adds elegance to a look?

I don't design often with pearls because so many of them are too "clean" to suit my preferred aesthetic: grungy, organic, old-looking. So when I came across this strand of wonky etched Tibetan pearls in Tucson this year, I snatched them up. They have the perfect mix of soft pearliness and aged texture---yum! 

When designing around these, I wanted to utilize beads with a matte finish to balance out the smoothness of the pearl. I went with barrels of fossilized stegadon bone (I know!) and two wee ivory colored lampwork glass beads from Karen Elmquist, fashioned to resemble old bone beads. Add in some pitchy black filigree bead caps and cheeky little wire spirals at the bottoms, and I don't think you'd ever miss the fact that the design is so simple. 

They dangle, swing, and sing from your lobes. And they BEG to be worn with your favorite little black dress: you've got class, but you've also got grit. Git em, girl...

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Delightful earrings. I really love all the textures these earrings exude. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the way you integrate elegant pearls in your wonderful grungy look. They combine beautifully with the other chosen beads. Beautiful!

  3. Me encantan, el aspecto antiguo es uno de mis favoritos.
    Un gran trabajo.

  4. I love you, Nikki!! I love your wit, your style, your jewelry, and these are perfectly you! Thanks for a great post and awesome earrings. Love dem stegadon bones! ;)