Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Asian Romance

I had to share my latest and greatest design that I call ♥ Asian Romance ♥.  They just have that aura about them with the fan shaped peacocks, don't you agree?  

Searching around on ETSY, I stumbled onto these little copper cups.  OMG!! I have found a million and one uses for them.  Do they ever add to a design.  I bought every last one I could get my hands on, I think I have about 60, but hey when you see a good thing, ya gotta jump on it.

I chose to add some dainty copper curb chain that I darkened a bit with some seed pearls in burgundy,  I think they flow with the fans perfectly as they swing freely from the cups.  

They are currently available in my ETSY shop

Thanks again for stopping and taking a peek.  Bye for now and see you again in two weeks friends!!  Lynn


  1. These are a work of art Lynn, just stunning!!

  2. Lynn, you have done it again, and again and again and again! lol :) You know the drill by now. lol These are extra special; romantic indeed. What beautiful fans. I've never seen anything like them. And the cups! All righty then! They are great. I can't wait to see how else you use them. Beautiful tiny little pearls. Love them all the way around.

    1. Thank you Norbel, I'm addicted to these cups!!! Thanks for all your kinds words girlfriend, ♥

  3. Oh my, the Lynn factor BIG TIME. These earrings are amazing. Love every little detail, from the fans to the cups (I can imagine why you bought them all) from the chain to the beads!!

  4. haha! thank you Janine. Can never have too many cups, ☺☺☺

  5. Beautiful! Love the length and the chain dangles!

  6. I love everything about them, but especially how you used the chain. The copper cups are FAB-U-LUSS.

  7. Love the earrings and the copper cups. Yes, you have to jump on stuff when you get the chance, then you can make all sorts of fabulous things!