Thursday, May 12, 2016

Light As A Leather

I first started using leather in my earrings when I found some really cool salmon skin leather in Chile a few years back.
My local bead mall in Tucson recently had tables full of scraps for $5 a pound so I nabbed some especially decorative pieces in metallics and cowboy boot style to combine with my torch fired enamels

They are so lightweight and a breeze to design with by simply cutting the leather to your desired shapes with scissors.

Just a few added embellishments and there you have it!

Thanks for looking and hope you are sailing into summer like a feather in the breeze!

Kimberly Rogers of NuminosityBeads


  1. What a wonderful way to use leather. And I agree, it goes perfectly together with your beads!! Love them. And Oh my a bead that sounds like heaven.

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  3. Brilliant! What a find! And the leathers work so well with your own components and your style!

  4. The texture on the leather in that top pair...*slow whistle*

  5. Both of these are so you and you alone, Kim. The color selections with your enamels. . . perfect. Would have a tough time picking one over the other. Awesome.