Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Having fun with Enamels

I have been hitting it hard with all the enamels out there!

What incredible talent we have in our little beading community, every time I turn around, someone is coming up with something new that I just can't say no to.  They are so much fun to work with and I never have a problem coming up with a way to use them....well, most of the time that is.

One of my favorite artists is Cathleen Zaring, she has this process down.... every pair just stunning with vibrant colors.  When they arrive I just stare at them for a while in amazement.
The two pairs below, spiky flowers and rugged hoops are charms by Cathleen.

A new artist I just discovered is Carolyn Conley, I love the soft pastel, almost folklore look of her enamels in the two pair below.  The very bottom pair with the hoops in the back ground are currently available in my ETSY shop.

You can find both Cathleen and Carolyn on ETSY, links provided below.

Thank you again for stopping by and taking a peek,  Enjoy you Memorial Weekend!!  
See you again in two weeks friends, Lynn

My Etsy Shop►Yucca Bloom on ETSY
Cathleen's Etsy Shop►Blue Hare Art Wear
Carolyn's Etsy Shop►Beads By CC Design


  1. Cathleen and Carolyn nailed it in these gorgeous enameled charms. And you just made the perfect earrings with them. I love how you combine these bright charms with rustic components. You always find new ways to work these beautiful charms into earrings.

  2. Lynn, each pair is as gorgeous as the next. Not only do you design and create with such beauty and grace, but the ability you have to design and create so prolifically is something I will forever envy. :) I love every pair. And thank you for sharing your new find of CC Design. Her work seems to be unique.

    1. p.s. The second pair of Cathleen's!! Wow! Great look.

    2. thank you Norbel, hoping you can get your hands on some too! they go fast. I love what you do with them too, ♥